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The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015

Private sector landlords are required from 1 October 2015 to have at least one smoke alarm installed on every storey of their properties and a carbon monoxide alarm in any room containing a solid fuel burning appliance (eg a coal fire, wood burning stove). After that, the landlord must make sure the alarms are in working order at the start of each new tenancy.

The requirements will be enforced by local authorities who can impose a fine of up to £5,000 where a landlord fails to comply with a remedial notice.

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Under the Landlords and Tenants Act 1985, the property you let, should be safe when your tenants move in and be maintained in a safe condition throughout the tenancy. In order to demonstrate this in the event that an accident occurs, it is important to be able to produce the correct certificates for notifiable work and show that appropriate, regular safety checks have been carried out to meet this duty of care.

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Why do you need one?

Landlord electrical certificates are an important part of ensuring the safety of your tenants and being able to prove that you have taken reasonable steps to do so.

It is recommended that you should have a full electrical inspection carried out every three to five years dependant on previous inspection advice. This examination investigates the state of the electrical wiring throughout the property and thoroughly checks the safety of the electrical installation.

Once this is done our electrician will issue you with a Electrical Installation Condition Report ' onsite or electronically at the end of the examination. It will declare if the electrical installation is safe or if any remedial work is required to ensure it meets current safety standards.

Electrical Certificates

Electrical Installation Condition Report

Our Electrical engineers adhere to Part P building requirements and are accredited and regulated by either the:

We can carry out electrical certificates (electrical installation condition reports), diagnostics and fault finding on electrical systems. Our engineers are fully trained and comply with all current requirements and regulations ensuring that your work is done to best standards.

Our electricians use the latest testing equipment to trace faults which enables them to diagnose and repair faults quickly. Once our engineer has carried out the inspection they will provide you with a report detailing any faults and recommendations for remedial works.